May 30, 2019

The Museum of Old and New Art

MONA is a big deal in Tassie. A museum (of sorts) that has changed the face of culture and tourism in Tasmania, MONA is a no brainer to add to your to-do list when visiting Hobart.

It’s hard to explain exactly what to expect from MONA, or the Museum of Old and New Art, other than a mind-blowing experience. It’s not for the faint of heart, and while it’s ostensibly family friendly, it’s probably worth thinking twice before bringing the little ones unless you want to pre-empt some conversations you might rather leave until later.

As the name suggests, MONA includes a collection of artworks and visiting exhibitions of both old and new art. There is everything from antiques to new experimental art, many of it exploring topics clearly designed to make the viewer at least a little uncomfortable (life, death, sex), though others simply amaze.


The museum is an architectural work of art itself, and you'll be hard pressed to make it through all the exhibitions within even a few hours. You're highly recommended to make a visit to MONA a full day trip. Of course, there's food available on site at various locations including a cafe, restaurant and bar.

MONA is a 20 minute drive north of Hobart and carparking is available, but limited. If you want the full MONA experience, however, it's worth booking the MONA ferry which takes you from the Brooke Street Pier to MONA on a 25 minute ferry ride.

The museum is mostly accessible, with the exception of a couple of the exhibitions, and wheelchairs can also be borrowed on site. Be aware that strobe lights do function within the museum, but staff can tell you which exhibits to avoid if this is an issue. They are also ready and willing to help you know which exhibits might be too confronting for some viewers.

MONA has reinvigorated Hobart, not only with the museum, but also with the festivals that it provides through the year including annual events MONA FOMA and Dark MOFO.