May 29, 2019

TMAG Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (or TMAG) is the top cultural, natural and heritage organisation in Tasmania, but it's also a great place to spend a day while you are in Hobart. For tourists, there's a lot to discover at TMAG about Tasmania's past, as well as the natural and cultural world that makes Tasmania such a unique island home for many today.

TMAG is the second oldest museum in Australia and was established in 1843, but it has since been entirely modernized to keep up with the times. This definitely isn't a stuffy museum of the past, but instead TMAG is an exciting way to learn. There are exhibits and events for people of all ages, with plenty of interactive displays available to keep the kids entertained while they learn. There are also often unique and interesting talks available and free for the community to come and find out more, not just about Tasmania, but also about the whole world around us.


TMAG’s collections include art and photographic exhibits, scientific displays including zoology and geology, and history displays. Learn about Tasmania's history including the recent colonial past, and the incredible aboriginal history dating back millenia. Check out the animal displays, from birds and bugs, to information and history about the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Or explore artwork, including the art of local artists, as well as collections from across the world. TMAG is well known for the experiences available for families to learn and discover together. There is a dedicated family learning program, with a focus on making sure a family friendly visit is not only available but also enjoyable for everyone, with a range of hands on displays to help kids engage.

TMAG often has new exhibitions and events, so there's always something fresh and exciting to see, even if you have visited before. Currently on display is “The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil” (a new natural history exhibition about Tasmania's favourite marsupial) and “Balnhdurr” (a touring exhibition exploring the printmaking of Australian indigenous artists).

Once you have taken in some of the wonders TMAG has to offer, stop by the Courtyard Cafe to have a bite to eat before continuing to your next TMAG event or exhibit.