Port Arthur Mega Devil Tour


Tour Availability

Combine our Port Arthur Mega Day Tour with the famous Tasmanian Devils. Instead of spending 4 hours at Port Arthur split your time and visit the Tassie Devils at the Tasman Conservation Park.

Tour Overview

Spend the morning strolling around Richmond Colonial Village, Australia's most historic town. Admire its beautiful Georgian buildings and see the oldest bridge in Australia.

At the Tasman Peninsula, take in the sweeping ocean views and magnificent coastlines from Pirates Bay lookout before heading to pristine Eagle hawk Neck. Breathe the salt air as you take a walk on beautiful Egg Beach, learn about the notorious convict "Dogline".

Then explore Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen, stunning natural attractions rich in native flora and fauna before arriving at the Tasmanian Devil Park!

Get up close and personal with Tassie's favourite kind of Devil and check out all the other Tasmanian wildlife on your park tour.

Now its time for the famous Port Arthur Historic Site.

At Port Arthur, visit over 30 historic buildings, take in a harbor cruise and walking tour to enhance the experience and check out the popular museum and theatre. We give you maximum time to explore the famous site (4 hours)

Enjoy our brand new convict DVD storyteller with carefully crafted stories, old pictures and moving images as you travel between destinations. Hear the stories of Tasmanian convicts and learn how they truly lived.

General Terms

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